• I like my coffee black, like my holes

    Thu, Apr 11 2019


    So the internet is full of stories about this supposed photo of a black hole, like this one from CNN This is the first photo of a black hole. Now, while I'm not an expert in radio-astronomy, I am somewhat of an expert in images & bullshit (among other things). And in my opinion, the media is serving us up a healthy helping of USDA Grade A bullshit once again.

    The above image is not a "photograph" it's just a computer generated image, CGI just like they use in the movies & 3d animated films like Toy Story. 

    The article tells us the data used to generate this image came from the combined the power of eight networked radio telescopes around the world. And the vast amounts of data collected to create this image is enough to fill up all these hard drives. Dang.

    You would think with all that data we should get some more detail, this thing reminds me of the blurry photos of Sasquatch or the Lochness monster. 😂

    An algorithm was written by an MIT student to change all this data into the blurry image we see.  This has nothing to do with photography or capturing light. This is a very confounded an elaborate fiction that was used to generate an image. While there is nothing wrong with doing that, trying to pass it off as a photo of a black hole is incredibly dishonest. 

    Unfortunately, Science & technology aided by the clickbait media has taken this left turn into the dark arts of deception instead of using the principles of science & scientific method to discover out actual reality and provide clarity & value to human life.

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