• Parsec API: Separating UI from the application code base

    Sun, Apr 21 2019


    There is so much talk of frameworks & development strategies, but quite often we forget the why because we are so focused on the how. One simple rule that saves so much wasted time & headache is this simple rule: Separate the Data from the Design. 

    Separating the data from the Design was somewhat popular a few years ago when Model -> View -> Controller was en vogue. Somehow that's been lost in the recent popular methodologies. In fact, it's gone so far in the opposite direction that many developers are advocating the end of global CSS or only using code generated inline styles... Ridiculous.

    Recently I was asked to update an interface on a project built with Microsoft proprietary closed source code, no could be made without the current developers project files, which I had no access too. Basically an impossible project. So instead of wasting my time I informed the client of the problem and proposed a solution that would let the current development team continue in their area of expertise while making the interface updates more flexible.

    Below is a quick brief of the strategy I proposed.

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    • design
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