• Seven years ago today.

    Tue, Aug 20 2019


    I use the application Penzu to keep a record of my activities & thoughts both business & social. An interesting feature of this app is that it sends you a link to past entries ever so often. Today I woke up to a work journal from this day seven years ago.

    The entry described simultaneously developing to separate applications: GIA 4C's a diamond grading application & the Fiduciary Educator for AXA equitable. I was well paid, debt-free, busy & productive. In stark contrast to Today. Through a series of incredibly frustrating & unusual events and an incredibly manipulative and methodical process of being cut down I find my self without work in the dingy apartment I live in. My networks both social & professional are drying up. People don't show up to scheduled meetings, meetings are postponed over & over, calls don't come in, my calls go to voice mail, no one responds to e-mail, texts go unanswered. If I do happen to get someone on the phone using a VOIP number people I'm greeted with indirect insults, condescending attitudes & agitated voices.

    What is the purpose of this? Is there a purpose? Doesn't matter. I'll persist on regardless of what that may entail.

    • seven years of bad luck