• The Brand Ricky Truth

    Wed, Apr 10 2019


    I created a personal brand in 2003 called Ricky Truth to market my Creative & Development services.  This was my third Brand, after endogenous & orange voodoo. 

    I choose the strategy of a personal brand because the previous Boutique Agency Brands were not working for me.  "Truth" is a variation of my actual name Truhls... added an extra T dropped the L-S. simple. 

    The axes came from the old story of George Washington chopping down the Cherry Tree at Mount Vernon. I can never tell a lie. Ironically this story was marketing to begin with and was completely fabricated by an itinerant minister and bookseller named Mason Locke Weems.

    I pride myself on my straight forwardness all though especially these days it's not the best policy as everyone in the industry is a liar, excuse me "player."  

    Recently I've been getting a lot of confusion about this Brand. Not sure why... I'm very open about what it is and what it is used for. It served me well for a long time in my career.

    So just to be clear. Ricky Truth is not my birth name. No, I am not a scientologist, actor or performer of any kind. Just someone that created a brand in order to better market my services. 

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