The importance of content collection & ownership of a project.

So I try to avoid Wordpress, however... every once in a while I will build something in wordpress when required. This project was strictly development with an understrap wordpress theme. Strange because you are using node for wordpress just to use sass. There must be a better way to use sass on this platform. Too many plugins a real cluster fuck compared to Topiary. Put some lunch money in my pocket. Kept me indoors a few more months basically. The website has still not launched. Why? No content. No one can seem to track any of it down. I don't think they give a shit really which is the trend in the industry. No one cares. Why no ownership. Too much compartmentalization. Too many people working on one thing. Too many changes. Too many updates. There is no reason to care. 

I've been working on a niche version of tree & field specifically for content collection and organization before launch. Content party. However cash flow is low so it's stalled out. Much like this project.