• The Ionic Framework for cross-platform mobile applications.

    Fri, Jan 08 2016


    I've had the opportunity to try out the ionic framework on my last mobile project. Having had experience using Apache Cordova, as well as Adobes version of Cordova PhoneGap I was skeptical about Ionics performance claims. Previous hybrid Cordova projects I have worked on have always had a few nanoseconds of sluggishness which is frustrating. As I'm coming close to the goal line on my current project, I have no problems saying I'm very impressed with the performance of this framework. Ionic delivers native UI performance, which is fantastic.

    Ionic is a Cordova-based framework, & works with most Cordova CLI plugins. What's special about Ionic is its integration with Angularjs, it's optimized to use hardware acceleration and perform minimal DOM manipulations. The Angular integration gives it that snap and native user experience that is sometimes lacking in Hybrid mobile applications.

    Ionic comes with a very useful set of CSS Components, Icons & Javascript modules. It took a day to familiarize myself with the framework and get used to the Ionic way of doing things. But that is pretty standard with any framework. All the components are highly customize-able with SASS or even plain CSS if you like. The only thing I found lacking was a time-picker / date picker component. Nothing is stopping you from writing your custom components or finding open source community created components with a quick google search. I found a time-picker / date picker I could install through the CLI & with a few tweaks met my needs perfectly.

    Ionic get's you half way there overnight...

    Before making the decision to use Ionic, I started this project out by creating a screen by screen wire-frame using Adobe Illustrator. After screen and interaction approval, I was able to browse through the Ionic docs and with a few minor adjustments in the wire-frame, Ionics pre-built components met 95% of the UI requirements. Ionic get's you half way there overnight, which helps get momentum going at the beginning of the project. Then it was on to the not so exciting multiple client revisions, new feature requests, and the obligatory IOS upgrade during the middle of the project. Overall it was a great experience using the framework & and gave me much more confidence in the viability of Cordova-based hybrid apps.

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